Living Free

To help individuals, families and communities dealing with life-challenging life-controlling problems find wholeness in Christ.

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    Free Mentoring and Coaching on developing a Living Free support group ministry in your church and/or community. (800) 879-4770 or

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    Learn how to help people who are struggling with life-controlling problems from those who have experience and a passion to teach others.

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    It is impractical to think the ministerial staff alone can deal with the hurts and staggering needs that most congregations face. In truth, this work should be the responsibility of the entire local body of Christ.

  • Launch Ministry

    The basic group in Living Free’s system of small groups is the Insight Group. The Insight Group is a meaningful nine-week experience to help your entire church family and community.


Success Stories

More testimonies from Living Free Participants

Living Free is so incredible, as it opens each participant's eyes to the practical application of the Scripture. I can honestly say this is a ministry that raises a standard of truth and transparency. Sometimes I am simply blown away by what God is doing through Living Free.

... I eat, drink and sleep Living Free. Why? Because it works."

I'm currently going to your Living Free class and it has helped me a lot with the daily struggles that life has thrown my way and I just wanted to say thanks for everything that you all do for people in tough situations like me. You all have helped open my eyes and my heart and helped me realize I don't want to live the way I was living anymore."

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Daily devotions emailed weekdays. These short devotions address common life struggles that may be affecting you or someone you care about. We invite you to use them in your personal quiet times and also to share them with friends, Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, or wherever you feel the message will minister.

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Recent Blog Entries

  • Are You Hiding?

    Are You Hiding?

    Have you ever played hide and seek with a toddler? You close your eyes and start counting. One, two, three, four…. You reach ten, open your eyes and say “Ready or not, here I come!” You take a quick look around and notice that half of your hide-and-seek partner is sticking out from behind their chosen hiding spot. Even if they weren’t so clearly visible, they probably started giggling the moment you stopped counting, so finding them would not have been much of a challenge either way. Still, you play along, rummaging around the room in all the wrong places, wondering loudly where they could possibly be, until you either “find” them, or they burst out laughing and just tell you where they are.

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  • Better Together

    Better Together

    Better Together

    I have heard many people say something along these lines: “I love Jesus, but I don’t love the Church,” or, “You don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.” Typically the people saying things like this have had an experience with Christians that has put a bad taste in their mouth. Unfortunately, that kind of experience is not all that uncommon. After all, we are all sinful, fallen people in need of grace. 

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  • Helping by Not Helping

    Helping by Not Helping

    Helping By Not Helping


    Recently, a lady named Tracy approached me and said, “Thank you for your help.” I said, “You’re welcome; what did I do?” She said, “I attended one of your workshops a few years ago. You all empowered me to help my brother by no longer helping him.” I was a little confused at first until she shared her story. 

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