Fear, worry, and anxiety are hallmarks of the human experience, yet our loving Father longs for us to be filled with His peace. God has given us numerous commands to “fear not” in the Bible and He has invited us to “cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

But sometimes, fear can seem unescapable. Like a boa constrictor, it strikes and then coils itself around us, suffocating the very life out of our being. So many things can trigger crippling fear, such as:

  • Bills piling up with no way to pay them…
  • House headed for foreclosure and you have no place to go…
  • Your child strung out on drugs…
  • Hearing the dreaded news, "You have cancer"…
  • Receiving the phone call at 2:00am, "Your son was in a car accident"…

How do we escape the bondage of fear and walk in faith?

Facing Fear, Finding Faith is a 10-week study designed to introduce you to a biblical model for overcoming fear while increasing your faith. This model provides a practical, useful step-by-step process for moving beyond fear toward a trusting relationship with Jesus Christ.

For more information on this curriculum or to order it now, please visit our Online Store or call 800.879.4770.

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