Conduct the Living Free Training

Numeral 1 graphicInvite your entire fellowship to the Living Free video-based training. Nearly everyone will find the materials interesting and helpful. Conduct your own training event, or invite one of our nationally-certified faculty to assist you. Sign up members of your first Insight groups during the training session.


Conduct Initial Insight Groups

numeral 2 graphicBegin your first groups as soon as possible. Select facilitators and co-facilitators from those who show interest and seem qualified according to the guidelines given in the training. These initial Insight groups give new facilitators confidence in their abilities, and new members grow comfortable with the group process.


Form Your Leadership Team

numeral 3 graphicAppoint a Living Free team leader (Coordinator) and staff your Core Leadership Team. After conducting the first Insight Group, you should know who is gifted and called to be in your Core Team. The Core Team Manual along with resources in the Using Living Free section of this website provides contains resources for this team to guide the Living Free ministry in your church.


Plan Your Next Groups

numeral 4 graphicInsight is the first group, and everyone should begin with it. Schedule new Insight Groups at regular intervals. Plan which groups you will offer after completing Insight. Typically, Free to Grow is the recommended second group.  Base your decisions on the needs of your congregation and community. There are more than 25 group options produced by Living Free. Consult the flowchart on page three of the Living Free brochure.


Establish an Intercessory Prayer Group

numeral 5 graphic— or incorporate prayer for Living Free into an existing prayer group. Prayer is essential to helping people overcome life-controlling problems. Many participants write anonymous prayer requests that are forwarded to intercessory prayer groups. Remember that overcoming life's problems is more than learning new information and coping techniques. It also involves spiritual warfare. See Ephesians 6:12.


Plan for Outreach

numeral 6 graphic Make plans to take Living Free ministry outside your church walls before you even plan your first training. The ministry is so flexible it can be used in jails, halfway houses, community outreach events--wherever you can find people struggling with life's problems. Many churches have found that segments 1-5 of the Living Free DVD training and the Insight Group are excellent entry points for community outreach.


Develop a Communications Plan

numeral 7 graphicDetermine the most effective ways to get the word out about your new Living Free ministry. The Living Free promo DVD, testimonies, bulletins inserts, and flyers are all excellent ways to publicize. Some churches require all new members to attend the Living Free training and/or participate in an Insight Group. Remember, this is a ministry that is good for everyone and not just for the "really messed up" people.


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