Commitment in Marriage: The Family Altar

Commitment in Marriage: The Family Altar

Committed Couples: God's Plan for Marriage & the Family

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Today's Scripture
"Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart." Colossians 4:2 NLT

Thoughts for Today
One of the most important commitments married couples can make is to set aside time each day for family prayer. Prayer is the very fabric that will hold your marriage and family in the loving hands of God.

Although prayer is not limited to certain places, having a special place for family prayer, a family altar, can leave a lasting impression on family members. Consider designating a certain room or piece of furniture as a place where the family assembles to pray at a specific time every day.

Consider this …
You can find many reasons not to make this commitment: over-booked schedules, television, fatigue and all kinds of distractions. But if you will make this commitment to prayer a priority, you will see a difference in your marriage and, if you have children, in all your family relationships. It is an expression of your total dependence of God. It is an expression of caring for each other. It opens the door to real communication. And, most importantly, it honors God.

Seriously consider agreeing as a couple to make family worship a part of your life. Structure your prayer time in a way that best fits your family's lifestyle. And then do it. You'll be glad you did.

Father, we've been neglecting this area of our family life. Please forgive us. Our schedules are all so busy, but I know we really need to put first things first. I pray that each member of our family will join together in a commitment to prayer. In Jesus' name …

These thoughts were drawn from …

Committed Couples: God's Plan for Marriage & the Family
by Dr. Jimmy Ray Lee. Whether in a private or group setting, couples will be encouraged spiritually and romantically as they research biblical principles that affirm their vows. This book can help every married couple grow spiritually and emotionally in their relationship. It is also a great help for engaged-to-be-married couples.

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