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Do you feel a calling to establish a Living Free Group? We offer diverse training opportunities, including live seminars, online courses, and DIY kits, led by experienced individuals passionate about sharing their wisdom. These resources will equip you to facilitate Living Free's transformative small groups within your church or community.

For the 4-week online training course, go to to get started.  

Our Ministry Models:

  • Church
  • Focused Discipleship
  • Community
  • Non-Residential Recovery
  • Corrections
  • Jails & Prisons
  • Connected
  • Online Groups & Training
  • Corporate
  • Marketplace Ministry

How Do I Get Started?

Starting a Living Free Group means becoming part of a larger, collective effort. It's unrealistic to expect the ministerial staff to address all the hurts and overwhelming needs in most communities. In reality, this responsibility should involve the entire local body of Christ. We are here to support you every step of the way. 

Living Free has designed a structured four-step process to empower you in your journey. From the initial connection to your group's launch, we've got you covered. Our step-by-step approach ensures you'll be well-prepared and fully supported throughout your entire Living Free Group experience.

Contact Us

Reach out to begin your Living Free Group journey. We will discuss the training process and enroll you in the training option that fits your schedule. 

Call us at (800) 879-4770 or email at to get started.

LF Academy

Living Free Academy courses cover the same material as our live seminar. It explains the development of life-controlling problems, the effect they have on individuals and families, and biblical strategies for overcoming them.

The courses include the video content of the training, online learning activities, interaction with other participants in an online forum, and a weekly one-hour video conference with an experienced Living Free trainer.

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Training Events

We offer different experiences of involvement from an introduction and certification for facilitating an individual support group to education on becoming a leader of a Living Free ministry and eventually becoming eligible to teach and mentor others on how to implement the Living Free ministry models and materials with the Living Free Faculty Certification.

Do-It-Yourself Training Kit

Learn how to help people who are struggling with life-controlling problems with our DIY Training Kit.
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More than 30 group topics are offered on a variety of topics.