Faithful, No Matter What – NEW BOOK

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Faithful, No Matter What – NEW BOOK

When life goes smoothly, when all seems right with the world, God’s faithfulness is rarely a concern. But in the midst of struggles and adversity, when the future looks unclear, or problems seem to defy resolution, we need assurance of His faithfulness. In “Faithful, No Matter What,” Dr. Jimmy Lee has assembled a rich and varied collection of amazing stories from men and women who have trusted in – and experienced – God’s faithfulness.

We were honored to have Dr. Lee join us for a brief interview on the book:

  • What motivated you to write “Faithful, No Matter What”?
    I was motivated to write “Faithful, No Matter What” by my father’s faithfulness I observed throughout his lifetime. He was a “Walking Bible” who was faithful to God regardless of the circumstances. This is discussed in the “Introduction”.
  • 2. What is one story that continues to stick with you even after the book writing process is over?
    My experience as a child, being without food,and the witness of this challenge, will never leave me.This is in chapter 2. Also chapter 18 with God’s call on my life- clear and strategic.
  • 3. Why do you think sharing stories of God’s faithfulness is so important today?
    Stories of God’s faithfulness is important because as one of our contributing author says, “faithfulness is the root of the fruit”. Faithfulness produces the fruit. See chapter 13, page 76.
  • 4. Did you face any challenges yourself during the writing process for this book?
    The challenge I faced in writing this book was to stay focused and not give up. It took 2 years.

The book’s cover image shows “Old Faithful,” the famous geyser at Yellowstone Park that never fails. In an even more profound, life-changing way, God’s faithfulness is a certainty. The powerful testimonies in this book will give the reader hope, even at those times when all seems hopeless.

You can purchase the book through Living Free by clicking HERE.