Fall 2020 Ministry Update

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Fall 2020 Ministry Update

A Quick Update on Living Free Ministry Progress So many words have been used to describe the times in which we find ourselves. However you describe it, lives and routines have been disrupted and many have been overwhelmed by the chaos.

Living Free has had to make uncomfortable changes, but the present situation has provided many more opportunities for ministry.

Here are a few of the opportunities that God has given us

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 Helping people discover hope, faith, freedom,

and God's plan for a full and satisfying life.

2 Peter 1:3-11

Living Free works worldwide with churches and Christian ministries to provide gospel-based-help for persons who struggle with life's problems
including behaviors, emotions, attitudes, relationships, and substance abuse.



Living Free Podcast Launches

The first three episodes of "The Living Free Podcast" are available now for download or streaming. These first episodes are interviews with, Dr. Jimmy Ray Lee, the founder of the ministry. In these sessions you will learn how and why the ministry began and the principles upon which it has been built and continues to operate. Next month podcasts will feature two outstanding ministry organizations (in Fargo N.D. and Cape Town South Africa) that have had remarkable results with the Living Free training and groups. Click HERE to listen


Living Free Academy -- 470 Students -- 24 Countries

Living Free Academy has blossomed during this global pandemic. Opportunities to conduct live events are few, but the ability to provide training remotely allowed training events to not only to continue but to expand. We have found that online training can be more effective than in-person training. Participants have more time to discuss the materials and ask questions. At the end of the training, participants can choose to join an online LF group in which they can gain experience leading a group with the help of an experienced mentor. Participants from the following countries and territories attended the academy. United States., Canada, Colombia, Republic of Georgia, India, Uganda, Mauritius, Turkey, Netherlands, Guatemala, Germany, Jordan, Australia, Ireland, Russia, United Kingdom, Ecuador, South Africa, Lebanon, Singapore, Nigeria, Japan, Brazil, Keyna, and the U.S. territory of Guam. Click HERE for more info on the Living Free Academy course options. 

  Ukraine zoom

Intensive LF Training in Ukraine

During Lockdown With pretty much the world in lockdown, Living Free allied ministries everywhere turned to the internet to provide training events and group meetings. Sergei Glushko was confined to his home so he used the opportunity to present the Living Free training to 17 rehabilitation ministries simultaneously.

  Ukrain Women zoom

LF for Ukrainian Mothers Reuniting with Families

Sergei also provided a Living Free group for mothers at the Simkah Reintegration center as they prepare to return home. In Sergei's words, "We thank God for modern technologies and opportunities to study remotely."

  Ruth Graham

2020 Virtual Conference with Ruth Graham on Facebook

When the coronavirus shut down our in-person conference plans we had to move them into the virtual world via Facebook Live. What seemed to be a loss was quickly converted to an even better conference. The three-hour event reached 5,300 people and recorded 2,700 views. Ruth Graham closed out the conference with a powerful message on Forgiveness. You can watch her message HERE at time code 2 hours 18 minutes.

These stories are a small part of Living Free ministry over the course of this pandemic. Thank you for all you do by contributing funds, time, expertise, and energy to helping hurting people around the globe to find a new life and freedom in following Jesus. I believe that there is no higher calling where we could invest our lives than in the work of bringing practical ministry to people in crisis. Thank you for being part of this worldwide alliance.