Happy Outside ... Struggling Inside: Out of Control

Happy Outside ... Struggling Inside: Out of Control

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Today's Scripture
"I patiently waited, LORD, for you to hear my prayer. You listened and pulled me from a lonely pit full of mud and mire. You let me stand on a rock with my feet firm, and you gave me a new song, a song of praise to you. Many will see this, and they will honor and trust you, the LORD God." Psalm 40:1-3 CEV

Thoughts for Today
We have been looking at the four-stage progression of life-controlling problems. When we reach the fourth stage, the only times we feel normal are when we are using the substance or engaging in the behavior. We can't get through a day without it. We are out of control and in constant pain spiritually, emotionally and sometimes physically. Without help, we are headed for disaster.

Consider this
Perhaps your life is out of control. Finding the way out of this despair might seem impossible. And alone, it probably is. But you are not alone. Help is available to you, but first you must admit that you need help and decide that you want help. Then turn to Jesus and to people who care about you. Be honest with yourself and with them.

Reaching this level of despair took time, and working your way out will take time too. It is a process. But with Jesus' help you can do it. He is offering you his love, forgiveness and strength. Turn to him today. He won't let you down.

Lord, I'm really in trouble here. I have made so many mistakes and let so many people down. Please forgive me. Help me start the process of working my way out. Please pull me out of this lonely pit and stand me on a rock. I need your help. In Jesus' name

These thoughts were drawn from

Living Free by Jimmy Ray Lee, D. Min. and Dan Strickland, M. Div. This updated version is presented in two parts. It offers information for anyone who either has a life-controlling problem or has a loved one with a life-controlling problem:

Part 1: Learning to Live Free

Defining Life-Controlling Problems Mastered and Trapped by Issues Walls of Protection Family Influences Helping or Harming?

Part 2: Helping Others to Live Free through Small Groups

The Small Group Strategy Effective Facilitation and Communication Launching a Living Free Ministry

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