Help Us Confront Addictions and Life-Controlling Problems- A Message From The President of LF

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Help Us Confront Addictions and Life-Controlling Problems- A Message From The President of LF

Dear Living Free Family,

This is a time when God has seen fit to bring rapid growth to the influence of Living Free. We find many Christians desiring to confront the serious problems in their communities–most of which are fueled by addictions and other life-controlling issues. A director of 911 services told our team the following: “80% of calls to our system are due to drug and alcohol use.”

Living Free (LF) is helping Christians from various congregations work together to provide a life-changing ministry in rural communities and urban neighborhoods. By 2024, we plan to train persons for such a ministry in 2,000 U.S. counties. In addition, the Living Free seminar has been taught in 89 countries and many of its graduates are moving toward establishing an LF ministry. (Living Free is scheduled to train 12,000 pastors in Tanzania next summer!)

Travel expenses, limited personnel, and time limitations make it impossible to keep up with the demand. That is why Living Free Academy is being developed to provide on-line courses that will be available to train persons anywhere in the world. The training and resources can be delivered to a computer, smart phone, or e-book reader.

I wanted to let you know about this project so you can help us pray for wisdom and provision. I’d also like to invite you to take part financially. Developing the first phase of the Living Free Academy along with improvements to our website will take about $30,000. The goal is to have the LF Academy functional by January 2017.

I deeply appreciate your participation in Living Free. Please prayerfully consider providing a donation to help fund the Living Free Academy project by visiting and clicking the “Support Living Free” button.

Dan Strickland, President
Living Free