Living Free Community Growing During the Pandemic

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Living Free Community Growing During the Pandemic

Living Free Community Growing During the Pandemic
Dian and Ed Davis have been facilitating Carroll County Living Free Community in rural Delphi, IN now for nearly 10 years. They have been facilitating multiple groups weekly, along with court-mandated groups for people in their county who are dealing with substance abuse.

Their goal has been to expand their ministry to neighboring White County, Indiana. Nortie Estes and Robert “J” Mackenzie stepped down as facilitators in Carroll County to go north to White County and start Living Free Community in early 2020. Little did they know that Nortie's daughter would need her mother in Sturgis, KY as the pandemic arrived.

However, not all was lost! Robert initiated his first round of groups in January of 2021. Because of the great interest, Robert had to split the first group into three groups. Nortie introduced Living Free to her new pastor in rural Sturgis and launched her first Insight group in 2021 as well.

Nortie's pastor is also setting up a meeting with the ministerial alliance in rural Union County, Ky, as there are very few services available to families and individuals needing encouragement and accountability. Her pastor is so excited to finally have a ministry that is addressing the needs of families that is relational, biblical, and facilitated by the churches.

Because of the pandemic and the need for Nortie to help her daughter, there are now two communities being given hope for a better tomorrow through the establishment of Biblically-based Living Free support groups.

If you would like your community to have a Living Free ministry, please contact us at 1-800-879-4770 or email at


Written By: Clayton Arp, VP of Living Free Community