Road to Freedom Booklet

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Road to Freedom Booklet

It is exciting to offer our newest publication to all of our Living Free family here in the United States and around the world; Road to Freedom! It’s not really all that new, as we have been using parts of this booklet in our corrections ministries and the Living Free Plan has been offered to group members as a tool to help set goals and to know the Lord has a purpose for each life and to know the purpose of our Living Free groups.

Our leadership team decided it was time to officially offer Road to Freedom to everyone, as many of our teams are working with inmates in corrections, new Christians, and those dealing with substance abuse.

If we only meet a person once, and never have the chance to see them again, what can we leave with them that will clearly explain the Gospel, help them find purpose, and encourage them? Road to Freedom helps to meet that need.

Road to Freedom is a goal-setting document, personal journal, and an introduction to our Living Free ministry. This booklet introduces the participant to the 5 components of freedom and the identities we struggle with and the ones we aspire to. We also list many of our groups offered in the Living Free ministry. The booklet also includes contact information for further help, either with groups or residential recovery opportunities if needed. Road to Freedom can be used in a group setting as a group member guide or a tool for a confidential discussion with a qualified person. Its primary purpose however is to challenge the participant with an honest reflection of where they are currently, and who they would really like to be! We hope this simple to use booklet will be a blessing to all who open its pages, encouraging them to open their hearts and accept God’s incredible gift of grace and freedom!

Click HERE for more info and to purchase copies of the Road to Freedom.