Are You Concerned?: A Look Inside

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Are You Concerned?: A Look Inside



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Monday, October 31, 2016





"Put me on trial, Lord, and cross-examine me. Test my motives and my heart." (Psalm 26:2 NLT)




Are you concerned about someone close to you? Perhaps you have a loved one with a life-controlling problem and you want more than anything to fix the problem, to help that special person. Life-controlling problems are not limited to substance abuse or gambling or pornography. They could be any behavior or relationship that has become a controlling force in their life.


This week we will not look at what the person who concerns you should do. Rather, let's look at some things you may need to prayerfully examine in your life to help you find more effective ways to live out your concern.





Think about the person you are concerned about and trying to help. How is your role as a concerned person affecting important areas of your life? Consider the following and any other parts of your life that are being affected:

  • Your relationship with God
  • Your relationship with family and friends
  • Your health
  • Your job
  • Your recreation
  • Your finances
  • Your church involvement
  • Other significant areas of your life


Ask God to help you see the situation through his eyes. To test your motives and your heart. To see how your life is being affected. 


You cannot "fix" your loved one. In fact, you may do more harm than good by trying. God wants to work through your willing heart to help, but he does not want your life to be adversely affected in the process. Turn to Jesus. Ask him to enable you to see some more effective ways to show your concern. To help you trust in his strength and his love and submit to his plan.




Father, help me to honestly examine how my life is being affected by my loved one's problems and the ways I'm trying to help. Help me to trust fully in you and your ways. In Jesus' name . . . 





Concerned Persons: Because We Need Each Other by Jimmy Ray Lee, D.Min.



This study is designed for the many people who have a current or past relationship with a person who has a life-controlling problem. Note: This curriculum was written especially for small groups, and we encourage people to use it that way. However, it can also be used effectively as a personal study for individuals or couples.



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