What's Special about Living Free Groups?

What's Special about Living Free Groups?

One of the most difficult tasks we face is explaining how the Living Free small groups are different from the other resources that are available to churches wanting to help people struggling with life's issues. Listed below are some qualities of the Living Free materials that distinguish them from similar groups. Our groups are:

Not just for "those kinds of people"

These small groups are very effective in helping people who struggle with life-controlling problems and yet at the same time they are designed to be of benefit to everyone in the congregation. This helps people avoid being ashamed to admit they are struggling with a problem and having to hide the fact that they need help. We all need the focused discipleship provided by these groups from time to time.

Not just focused on recovery

In fact, we don't even use the word recovery in our curriculum. What we provide is focused discipleship that zeroes in on particular problems that people experience in their lives.

Focused on discipleship

While some people find instantaneous freedom through divine deliverance, it seems that most people do not find freedom from life-controlling issues in a one-time event, and even those that do, require ongoing discipleship and support. Living Free groups create a safe environment where people can find spiritual support for as long as it takes for them to grow to maturity in Christ.

Not a one-size-fits-all approach

No one group can address the dynamics of every particular problem-not even the widely used 12-Steps. Truly, every life controlling problem has common elements, but there are unique aspects of each problem as well. That is why we produce a variety of groups on specific topics.

Flexible enough to be used with other materials

No one set of curriculum can meet every need. That is why these groups and training materials are designed to be flexible. They allow you to mix and match materials from other sources so that you can offer the best groups for your situation.


Support is needed to overcome life-controlling issues, but compassionate conversation and understanding are not enough. Without the addition of biblical truth to confront our delusion, the Spirit of God to search the secret places in our lives and people who will hold us accountable, we will remain stuck in our problems.

Not overly reliant on video content

Video is such a huge part of our lives today, but small groups that rely on video content that contains the teaching and opinions of experts can miss the rich experience of having the group discover the same truths on their own. Living Free uses video sparingly because we believe that when people are engaged in face-to-face encounters with one another that are not overly scripted, a special atmosphere is created that cannot be duplicated by video content.

Not personality driven

These groups do not depend on the facilitator being an expert or having all the answers. The curriculum is written in such a way that leading a group can be done by almost any caring person with a small amount of training.